350-meter-tall upscale urban complex

350 meters vertical city top city complex

Nestled in Shenzhen Bay, One Shenzhen Bay is adjacent to the Shenzhen Talent Park. With a total construction area of some 480,000 square meters, it has provided more than 400 top-notch apartments to such people as the elites and entrepreneurs of listed companies from a wide array of industries in China.

At about 350m tall, the main building of the megaproject is a landmark complex that includes top-level apartments, offices for corporate headquarters, Raffles Hotel rooms, customized commercial space, and Shenzhen Bay Club. Offering the most stunning 360-degree views of this happening city, it is home to a private sky pool, the Sky Concert Hall, indoor tennis courts, helipads, and other high-quality supporting facilities. As an inspiring template for urban development projects, it aims to be a long-lasting architectural achievement among the world’s most prominent bay area developments.

Over the years, One Shenzhen Bay has won more than 20 international real estate awards in acknowledgment of the new standards of excellence it has created in the construction industry in Shenzhen.

  • 480,000 square meters of floor space

  • Over 400 top-rated apartments

  • A 350-meter-high project main building

  • Winner of 20 international real estate awards

Tel. +86(755) 86666686Pos. 518054

Add. T7-29 / F, shenzhenwan 1, 3088 Zhongxin Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen

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